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Backup cisco switch config to TFTP server

To backup the running config on a cisco switch to a TFTP server #copy running-config tftp: To make a backup of the VLAN.dat file #copy flash:vlan.dat tftp:

Add VLAN to cisco switch

When you need to group ports on a cisco switch into a VLAN do the following Log onto terminal enable conf t vlan 1001  (where 1001 is the vlan id to be assigned name ExampleVLANname exit This creates the VLAN. … Continue reading

Adding Fortigate to Fortimanager

When attempting to add a Fortigate to a FortiManager you may encounter the following error when trying to import the device. “fortimanager failed to discover device with IP address”   If this is the case check the time settings on … Continue reading

Steelhead Default username and password

The default username and password for Riverbed Steelhead are: Username = admin Password = password   To reset the unit to factory defaults do the following > enable #reset factory reload     A quick Google is sometimes easier than … Continue reading

Group Policy checking

When trying to troubleshoot why a group policy does not appear to be applying to a user the following command can be used “gpresult /r” This will tell you what policies are applied and which ones are not.

Easily find unicode characters by drawing the character

ShapeCatcher allows you to easily find the correct unicode character by simply drawing the character Example below shows an “é” but holding down the “Alt Gr” key and pressing áéíóú is a much quicker way for that….. .

Fortigate – “The string contains XSS vulnerability characters.”

When creating a new SSL VPN portal (on Forti OS version 4 MR 2 Patch 9  at least) you may encounter the following message when attempting to save the Portal “The string contains XSS vulnerability characters.”   If this is … Continue reading

Fortigate ping response on WAN interfaces

Recently I encountered a issue where a Fortigate when pinged from an external source  was not responding to pings on the WAN interfaces . Administrative access was set to allow pings on both interfaces.   Solution: When all the admin … Continue reading

5 Websites To Learn Python


VMware server 2.x and Windows 7

When creating a Windows7 VM on VMware server 2.x you may encounter issues with regards to the network adapter. Solution is in the pretty good write up below http://www.petri.co.il/installing-windows-7-in-vmware-server-20.htm