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Outbound traffic on UDP port 3544

While reviewing  firewall logs I observed unexpected outbound communication attempts on UDP 3544 from a newly deployed Windows 7 installation.   “…..dstip=“” proto=“17” length=“89” tos=“0x00” prec=“0x00” ttl=“127” srcport=“64379” dstport=“3544“…..”   After quick a quick Google search it became apparent that … Continue reading

Need a cheap ( or free) SSL certificate for a non-production site?

Building a demo website or deploying a new application and need to secure communication via SSL? For example, when installing OwnCloud you may want to ensure that your personal files are being sent and received securely no mater where you are … Continue reading

Check the certificate configuration of SSL webserver

Qualys have provided a very useful tool for checking that the SSL side of your website is correctly configured. The SSL Server Test can be found here. The tool is available free of charge and will carry out a real-time … Continue reading

Commands to edit iptables

  To view the current rules and also view the rule ID use the following: iptables -L -n –line-numbers                      or iptables -nL -v –line-numbers   To delete a rule use: iptables -D INPUT X  (where x is the ID … Continue reading

CLI commands to enable encryption between FortiGate and FortiAnalyzer

Use the following commands to enable encryption between the FortiGate unit and the FortiAnalyzer unit: On the FortiGate unit: config log fortianalyzer setting set encrypt enable set psksecret <presharedkey_str> set localid <devname_str> end On the FortiAnalyzer unit: config log device edit … Continue reading

Microsoft Update breaks Fortigate SSL VPN portal

It seems that a a recent update provided by Microsoft to fix vulnerabilities in  has broken fuctionality of the SSL VPN on Fortigate devices. If you see the following error messages when browsing to the login page you may be … Continue reading

Vulnerability in WPS leaves many WPA/WPA2 protected networks open to exploitation…..

It seems that a weakness in WPS has severely weakened the security of many WPA and WPA2 protected wireless networks. The WPA Pre-Shared Key and WPS PIN can be recovered in a matter of hours using a “Reaver”. Ars-Technica have … Continue reading

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Outlook 2010 and direct booking with Exchange 2003

There seems to be an issue when using Outlook 2010 Direct Booking with Exchange 2003. The resource is not booked and the user does not receive any error message.   Microsft have provided solutions to this problem  along with a … Continue reading

Cisco Warranty CD links to malware site

Documents on the cd may contain links to content from a malacious website http://www.cisco.com/warp/public/707/cisco-sr-20110803-cd.shtml