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Wan Opt & Web Cache CLI only on certain Fortigates

Wan Opt and Web Cache has gone CLI only for certain Fortigate models (See below) since Version 4 Mr3 Patch 4.

The removal from the Web GUI is apparently for performance reasons.


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3 Responses to Wan Opt & Web Cache CLI only on certain Fortigates

  1. Ryan Kempt says:

    I noticed this – it was really unexpected. What’s strange, is you can still go to the URLs if you know them… the pages actually didn’t get stripped out, just the links to them. Strange.

  2. Sergey says:

    Thank you for information. I can find corresponding note in Release Notes for 4.0MR3 patch 4 only. Weird.

  3. David says:

    Thanks for the tip Ryan.
    You’ll have to add the following in the URL of your browser :

    Rule : /wanopt/rule/list
    Peer : /wanopt/peer/list
    Authentication Group : /wanopt/peer/authgrp
    Cache Settings : /wanopt/config/settings
    Cache Exempt list : /wanopt/cache/exempt
    Wan Opt. Monitor : /wanopt/monitor
    Cache Monitor : /module_html/monitor.html?name=cache
    Peer Monitor : /module_html/monitor.html?name=peer

    Example: https://myfortinetIP/wanopt/monitor

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